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There's a good chance, this is your first time planning a wedding and hiring a photographer.  Please rest at ease knowing - we've got this.  We shoot more than 40 weddings EVERY YEAR, so it's almost become second nature for us. We stand back and let the day happen as naturally as we can, while still providing guidance and pushing things forward when needed.  Here are some of the most common questions couples ask us.

How long will it take to get my photos back?

About 1-2 weeks for weddings, and 2-4 days for sessions.  That's right.  Gone are the days of waiting months for your wedding photos!  Since we specialize in weddings, we have this down to a science.  And because we have a wedding almost every weekend, it's important that we finish editing and stay on top of it. We have a solid work flow and we focus in on your wedding so we have images sorted, edited, exported, and online sometimes before the next weekend hits, but at most - 2 weeks.


Who edits the photos?

99% of the time, I edit all wedding photos so that our style stays consistent. For weddings that Heather shoots, she will sort the images for me before I edit them, since she was there to know what shots would be most important to have and make sure nothing important is left out. 


How many photos will I get?

It all depends on your day; how many people are in your wedding party, how large your family is, how long we are there, or how many events you have to capture.  We guarantee at least 100 images per hour, but some galleries are over 1,000 images. We don't limit what we include and we only remove photos that didn't turn out.


How do I get my photos from you?

When your images are ready, I will upload them to an online proofing site.  You will recieve an email to let you know they're ready, along with the direct link to view your photos.  Once you click on the link, it will have you enter your email, and then will be directed to the gallery. There will be a download icon you select, and then the files will be e-mailed.  Once they arrive in your inbox, you unzip the folder and then you can then share, print, and save your photos as you wish!


Do you travel?

Yes!  We love seeing new places and traveling to new locations.  Destinations within driving distance have a $3/mile travel fee to cover gas, parking, and lodging. Weddings further out require travel cost coverage for things like hotel, car rental, and air fare.


Do you offer any discounts?

I was once - twice - maybe even a dozen or more times - told to "never discount your art".  But that's just not me.  

I LOVE teachers and I SO APPRECIATE military, so I offer discounts for both. I also love new and unique experiences, so I offer special discounts for non-traditional weddings or anything that may be something out of the ordinary for us.  Not sure if your wedding applies?  Ask me!!  I'd love to hear about something special and different you have planned.


What is included in the editing?

I edit for color, composition, and white balance.  I want your images to be as crisp, vibrant, and "true to life" as your wedding day was, so I don't add any trendy filters or effects and prefer a clean and simple style.  40-80 images are also converted to black and white.  If you wake up the day of your wedding with a giant pimple or have something specific you want "photoshopped", I will enhance up to 5 images by request at no charge.  After that, image enhancement (blemishes, wrinkles, removing objects or people, etc) are $30/image.  

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