About my Associate

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Heather and I first crossed paths as zookeepers in 2003

at a small zoo up in Lafayette.   As our lives grew and changed,

she found herself in Tampa, FL working with orangutans, tigers, and a variety of endangered species. Eventually, life led her to return

to her roots, and she moved back to Indiana

with her husband and two beautiful daughters.


I could already tell she had an eye for photography. . . and I convinced her to start considering photography professionally . She began working

as my second photographer for weddings in 2016, while also growing

her own business under Heather Laurel Photography.  

Heather has continually mastered with grace everything in the photography realm, and in 2022 began shooting

her own weddings under M.E.G. Photography as an

associate lead photographer. 

About Me

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Hi, I'm Meg. I'm a crazy passionate momma of 3 beautiful kids.  I always knew I wanted to be a mother, and these 3 make me feel like the luckiest.  My oldest daughter is my theatrical, passionate, loving first born followed 2 years later by my mini-me; a determined, stubborn, artistic free spirit. My youngest surprised us all with his debut into the world in late 2017.  I've been trying to keep up with him ever since!

I have an abnormal obsession for animals and conservation, and I have been working in the field since I was 11 when I had my first job cleaning horse stables.  My passion for animals led me to creating some videography work while working as a marine mammal trainer, which eventually led me to start my own photography business in 2007.  (Crazy how life happens!) I have been a photographer full-time since 2009, and I still have to pinch myself when I say that!  


I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have the best clients

in.  the.  world.  I would love to include you on that list!

E-mail me.  Call me.  Let's chat.