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The Team

The best thing about my journey in photography has been the ability to build a team of artists that share the same style and vision, who love to have fun and create an atmosphere where everyone feels at ease and has the time of their lives.  Let's be honest - not EVERYONE is excited about having their picture taken.  But we work hard to keep the atmosphere as light-hearted as possible while get through your photos as efficiently as possible, all while capturing all of the moments you want to be able to look back upon for a lifetime.

While I typically work solo for most photography sessions, the rest of the team is excited to join you for

your upcoming wedding or big event!

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Meet Heather. She's awesome & you'll love her as much as I do :)

Heather and I first crossed paths as zookeepers in 2003 at a small local zoo.   As our lives grew and changed,  she found herself in Tampa, FL working with orangutans, tigers, and a variety of endangered species. Eventually, life led her to return to her roots, and she moved back to Indiana with her husband and two beautiful daughters.


I could already tell she had an eye for photography. . . and I convinced her to start considering photography professionally . She began working  as my second photographer for weddings in 2016, while also growing her own business under Heather Laurel Photography.  

Heather has continually mastered with grace everything in the photography realm, and shoots her own weddings under M.E.G. Photography as a lead photographer, as well as shooting beside me as another 2nd photographer.  Sometimes I think she knows what I want before I do!  

This is Val. His vision is awe-inspiring and he has a talent for making everyone feel at ease.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Val has always loved film. Star Wars, No Country for Old Men, and Into The Wild being some of his favorites. Films like these inspired him to pursue a path in videography.


Originally going to school for nursing, Val realized his passion was to create compelling stories through video. Since early 2021, Val has been studying videography and investing in equipment. In June of 2022 we crossed paths while working together at a wedding. I loved his passion, his vision, his drive, and his attention to detail. When I decided to expand my videography services, I knew I wanted to add him to the team!


 Val and I work great together thinking of ways to create beautiful media that best showcases the memories made on your day! His moto is to make the Everyday Look Cinematic, and that is just what he'll do!


. . . then there's me :)

Hi, I'm Meg. I'm a crazy passionate momma of 3 beautiful kids.  I always knew I wanted to be a mother, and these 3 make me feel like the luckiest.  My oldest daughter is my theatrical, passionate, loving first born followed 2 years later by my mini-me; a determined, stubborn, artistic free spirit. My youngest surprised us all with his debut into the world in late 2017.  I've been trying to keep up with him ever since!

I have an abnormal obsession for animals and conservation, and I have been working in the field since I was 11 when I had my first job cleaning horse stables.  My passion for animals led me to creating some videography work while working as a marine mammal trainer, which eventually led me to start my own photography business in 2007. 

Aside from momming and photographing, I also foster litters of puppies for a local rescue and help with special needs cats and kittens.  I still work at the zoo a handul hours a month so I can visit with my animal friends and fuel my soul :)

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