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10 Year Anniversary Special and Announcement!

Oh. My. Goodness. Has it really been 10 years since M.E.G. Photography came to be?! It HAS!!!

10 years ago on March 9, 2008, I had my first deposit in my hand, for a wedding that was my very own (Lauren and James, 09.06.08). For the previous year I worked with Bello Romance Photography and Stuart Meyer Photography -- still grateful for the knowledge and experience they gave me -and now I was on my own. . . I established my business as an LLC, opened my first business banking account. . . and it was SUPER exciting.

Back then, weddings were my jam. The plan was to be ONLY a wedding photographer and specialize ONLY in weddings. But little did I know that I would have some crazy awesome clients who would turn around and hire me for their newborn, their second child, their high school senior . . . I could have never DREAMED my business would take off like it did, and I say time and time again that I am beyond blessed by each and every one of you!

(Above, Shannon and Dan 09.06.2010. . . below, Shannon with baby #2, Dan, and Kiri)

Initially, I had planned on stepping back from weddings this year under my business name because the editing work was not allowing me to have enough time with my family, and mixing it with families and babies was more than I could manage alone. HOWEVER (exciting news!) I've paired up with some amazing companies and amazing people and have a change of plans. . .

Because here's what I was thinking. I've been a photographer for ten years now. There are places in photography that hold on to my heart STRONG, and that is exactly where I need to be focusing. There are places outside of photography that hold on to my heart even stronger, and that is ALSO where I need to be focusing. Basically. . . me and EVERYONE really should be focusing on what brings us the most joy, the most happiness, and gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling. Am I right or am I right?!

(Below Kara & Sean 09.15.2012, Followed by their family picture from July 2017)

So starting today. . .

I'm focusing back on weddings. I will continue to edit the best shots from the day (because I LOVE touching up the best of the best and making them magical!). I'll soon be introducing my new amazing 2nd shooter to ya'll (stay tuned!!!) I'm opening a store front on, and working on a bridal show coming up on my BIRTHDAY!! (I mean, that's gotta be good luck, right?!)

In April, I'm stepping away from the studio. While it was convienant and beautiful and amazing, what I REALLY love is lifestyle. So I'm going back to offering only lifestyle sessions on-location and in your home.

And all of this comes with a special !!!!!

Past brides: Be the first 5 to post a review on the knot here and get 50% OFF your next session! Next 5 get 20% OFF!

(Offer ends 3/11/18)

Not a past bride? That's okay :) All other sessions are 20% OFF when booked TODAY ONLY after posting a Facebook review!

So remember. Review. Book. And I'll do the rest of the work :)

Book online at ($100 deposit)

M.E.G. Photography Client Awesomeness (Photographed their wedding and their growing family)

Lauren & James

Kelly & Bennie

Jennifer & Matt (Client I've seen most recently who has been with me the longest! Their cuties just below from Easter Minis last weekend)

Emilee & Kevin

Shelly & Bill

Hannah & Ryan

Jessica & David

Suzanne & Joe

Shannon & Dan

Tiaya & Josh

Schanelle & Ryan

Leah & Doug

Kara & Sean

Lara & Rick

Susan & Tony

Jarod & Jill

Natalie & Joel

Courtney & Gabe

Cassie & David

Donna & Randy

Julie & Kevin

Roxanne & Nick

Sara & Zach

Honorable mentions: Utz Family - who gave me my first child to photograph (before I had ANY idea what to expect from a 2 year-old!!) who saw me through their older son's high school graduation.

Those who saw me in my early days of newborn photography and keep coming back: the Frank Family, Lewis Family, Melvin Family, Anderson Family. . . started with baby #1 in 2010/2011 and have photographed every child since then, and every family I've seen within the last year <3

I was going through lots of old external hard drives, I apologize if I left anyone out!!! You are all AMAZING!!!

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