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Newborn Photography, post Covid-19


Things have been crazy these last few months, haven't they? In late April, Indiana's governor officially cleared photographers to work, as long as we are outside with immediate family members who are sheltering together, and maintain social distancing guidelines. Last week, I went out to get some photos of one of my first families affected by the pandemic.

Let me tell you all, it pulled at my heart strings. I've photographed this family since their wedding. . . I captured newborn photos of their first two babies and dozens of sessions in between. And I KNOW, this wasn't what they had in mind when they pictured their baby's newborn photos.

I want all moms out there to know. . . I FEEL YOU, MAMA.

Chances are, if you had a baby anytime in March or April, you’ve had a tough postpartum experience. It’s definitely not what you expected. Your birth experience was not what you expected. You didn’t get to have the labor support that you’d planned on. You didn’t get to have excited grandparents and other close friends and family come visit you in the hospital to celebrate with you. Maybe your grandma still hasn’t met her great grandchild yet (only through a glass window) because they can’t risk exposure from anyone. And now you’re sad because you weren’t able to book a newborn session due to the shelter in place order. Photographs and FaceTime are pretty much the only way to really be able to share your baby with your family and friends while we’re socially distancing.

These are unusual times (is anyone else sick of the word “unprecendented”?), but I want to reassure you that all is not lost. I want you to know that I am thinking of you, and I'm taking the steps necessary to prepare for the future.


As always, safety for you and for my family are my main goals during the pandemic. Therefore, here are my promises to you:

  • During all sessions, I will maintain social distancing as much as possible, or constantly, if you prefer. It's pretty easy for me to put on my long lens, back up 6-30+ feet, and direct from there. For newborns, I'll only help position your baby if I have the okay (depending on the stage of reopening we are amist), and otherwise will work off of verbal directions.

  • Between all sessions, I will sanitize and take the precautions recommended by the CDC. I will wear a mask, wash my hand frequently, sanitize my gear, etc.


  • If you decide to cancel and reschedule for any reason, I will NOT charge a rebooking fees

  • Until further notice, I will only be doing newborns at in-home sessions. We can stay outside if it's nice, or if you're comfortable I can come inside your home.

  • I encourage you to find special blankets, headbands, etc, that are special to you to use. The regular protocol of washing my own blankets and props isn't enough right now, when it's still in my home/car and potentially touched by me or my family . I don't feel right wrapping your baby in something that could be contaminated. #paranoid

  • I want to stay out of the baby's "bubble" as much as possible, so posing will be limited.

For now, I will NOT be offering posed studio-style images.

That does NOT mean we can't pose pictures. When I shoot lifestyle sessions, they still have some posing and directing involved, of course. It only means the carefully laid out positions, soothing baby into a deep sleep, placing them in buckets or boxes etc, will be omitted. But natural, unposed pictures are JUST AS BEAUTIFUL. . . . If you've followed me for long, you know that these sessions are BY FAR my favorite. They are memorable, they are sweet, they are laid-back, and they are stunning.


Are you ready book a newborn session? Let's collaborate together to create images that will take your breath away and instantly transport you back to when your baby was tiny every time you look at them.

Go to the booking calendar or email me at

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