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New Studio Space!!

As I mentioned in an earlier, blog post, I was [sadly] leaving behind the studio share with Kristi Powell Photography and had announced that studio sessions would be no more. I was flattered, and a little surprised, at how many clients reached out to say they were disappointed about the change and hated to see me lose the space. So I started searching for a solution, but wasn't having much luck. I had decided to just go back to using my home studio when. . .

By sheer luck, the landlord came in during one of my sessions and we spoke briefly about the space. I told him I would LOVE to take it over solo, but worried about the expense without having a partner. Well. . . low and behold. . . a photographer JUST moved in UPSTAIRS and was looking for other photographers to rent the space!!

Little Nugget Photography owns the space, and it's beautiful! The studio spans the width of both businesses (the current studio and the restaurant), so there is more room to move around. Plus, since it's on the second floor and has a waiting room in the entrance, clients won't have to wait out in the cold during minis anymore!

The biggest change with this studio is that is doesn't serve well for natural light photography. The owner of Little Nugget Photography, Erin Werner, sat down with me for some training, and I purchase my first set of studio lights. So. . . I'm officially back in [studio] business!!

Here's a few shots of the space, to give you an idea of what it looks like. The address is almost exactly the same - I've moved from 110 E Main Street to 110 1/2 E Main Street :)

Last Sunday, I had this little beauty in to try it out for the first time! The studio lights will be an adjustment, but the shots are adorable!!! I'm super excited to try it out with newborns!!

So excited to start booking session here!! <3 Bookings begin May 1st!!

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