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Meghan & Rick

This day was so. much. fun. I always tell couples, "Don't look at the forecast, it's always wrong!" Knowing they and I both will TOTALLY be stalking the weather channel for updates. When I woke up Friday morning and it was calling for 70-100% chance of rain ALL day long, I figured we were doomed for pictures indoors. My second shooter texted me that she would bring her bubble umbrellas, I prepped myself for some cool back-lit rain shots, and I was ready for face the day!

Then we arrived. It wasn't raining. We got Meghan in her gown. Still no rain. The phone promised it was coming, so formal by formal we hurried to capture before the rain hit. . . but then it NEVER CAME! Go figure! We managed to get all of the way through the ceremony before storms hit.

Me, Heather (my 2nd shooter), and Jess (my intern) had way too much fun at this event. Everyone was in the best mood, the vendors were all amazing, the bridal party was great. . . it was just an all-around wonderful day. Love weddings like these! Of course it helps that I only had to drive 5 minutes, too. :)

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