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Lifestyle "Grow With Me" Sessions

I photographed my first newborn 10 year ago. . . it was my nephew, and I really had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't a mother myself yet, and newborns scared me! I really had no plans to ever do newborn photography, it just happened organically. My brides started having babies and asking me to photograph their newborns, their wedding party needing maternity photographs, and I became a mother myself. Suddenly, it seemed a bit less scary and I dove in.

I feel like I beat the wonderfulness that is lifestyle sessions down to the last nail. . . but. . . I just adore them. I wanted to feature a few of my most recent lifestyle photographs/sessions so you can get a feel for what they are. The best thing in this type of lifestyle photography is that it captures the warmth and beautiful bond of the other family members. How great it is! I feel like looking back at lifestyle sessions allows all of those wonderful feelings to arise again, every single time you look at the pictures.

Newborn sessions start at just $200! Contact me or visit the Newborn Pricing page on my website for more information.

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